събота, 23 януари 2016 г.

Моята проста житейска философия

   Някой да не си помисли, че искам да живея в Италия като прочете това. Аз съм си „made in Bulgaria” oтвсякъде, но Италия ми е слабост или по-точно кухнята, езика и хората. Тази лекота, с която гледат на живота и всичко се свежда до това да седнеш на масата в неделя на обяд (или всеки друг ден). Това е решение на всички проблеми. Та така де...следващият цитат е от една любима моя кулинарна книга, посветена на италианската кухня:
   “Whenever you think of Italy, can you almost taste the basil and olive oil? When the pasta water starts to bubble and boil, do you hear the splashing of the sparkling blue Mediterranean? As the scent of garlic wafts from the pan and you roll a fine “rosso” over your tongue, can you almost reach out and touch the Tuscan hills? When you take your seat at the table and all around you is steam and laughter and the clinking of dishes, the whole world merges into a giant pasta sauce- you and your companions have become the finest ingredients of all.
   Whenever you can “be Italian”, everything takes on a special beauty- your food, your life and, most of all, you. Just by having a plate of spaghetti Napoli, you’re suddenly on vacation, even as you huddle in your kitchenette. Just add a few drops of balsamic vinegar to the salad and you’ve opened the door to the “terra Italia classica”. And you don’t need a tour guide because cooking, eating and drinking are all the culture you’ll ever need to enjoy yourself on Europe’s “boot” in the Med…
So have a nice trip! And don’t forget, be basic. Be Italian. Niente piu. Nothing to it.
   Cornelia Schinharl, Sebastian Dickhaut, Kelsey Lane “Basic Italian”

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